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A few days ago, I rushed to go to office and…see….I forgot to bring my smartphone! For the first time, I thought my day would be boring as a hell but I was wrong…I was survived until I came back home. I love both social life online and offline. I usually use internet everyday by my smartphone or by modem at my laptop. My job demand me to use gadget. Even I cannot use very sophisticated gadgets, I have to learn to use it in order to do my job.

I use a smartphone, too. I can connect with all social media I have anytime. But I use it in my spare time because I am so busy everyday working. I use it in public transportation, especially for blog walking or comments my friends status. Some people use their gadgets to releive their stress and show all their feeling in their socialmedia, I don’t feel so comfortable to do that. I know some people using their gadget to attact or bully someone they hate or betraying their wife or husband to others lovers, those are examples of missusing gadgets.

I try to use gadget wisefully. I need gadgets, of course but I don’t want depending everyseconds of my life using it. My husbands and kids will not let me to do that…hehehe…They are my bell if I use my gadget overtime. I want to enjoy my life and my social life online or offline.

Because of battery of my smartphone runs out fastly, I use my old nokia, just for sms and calling. It is more usefull for me than smartphone. I think we can not deny gadget in our everyday life but it makes our life easier and colourful, However, please use it wisefully, at the right time and the right place.

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