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I have been watching Doraemon since I was young.I imagine If I am Nobita I will ask Doraemon to give me somemachines.
First I want him to give me clonning machine, so I can be two or three at the same time for an hour till a day, while I am working, I can watch my daughter singing in the Talent Contest in her school.
Second I want him to give me PersonalServantRobot, the robot can do all the housework while I am in the office. When I come back home, everythings are so clean and neat, The robot also cleans and iron all the dirty clothes.
Third, foodmachine, I just type what kindsof food I want the machine will produce it.
Fourth, Beautymachine, this machine can be a barbershop, a beautician, a massager, etc…so I just sit on the couch watching TV the machine will make over me 🙂
Fifth, The Money Machine, The machine which can make real money, Dollar, Euro, Rupiahs…:))
Sixth, Idea Machine since I love writing and some creativity works I need an idea button, I just push the botton the machine give me ideas.

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