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THIS topic make me so excited, I have plenty wildest dreams actually :), as I told this blog I love travelling, I always have  dream seeing sunset in Santorini, riding bycyle in Ordos, having tea time in Edensor, dancing in lavender field in provence, France. I am football maniac, and I love real Madrid so bad, I have dream visiting Bernabeu and watching real Madrid live! and sneaking around Real madrid dressing room and suddenly seeing and chatting with Ronaldo, James, Bale, and of course Ramos ;)….yeah I will be in heaven…hehehe..

Since I was teenagers, I have passion in fashion especially become stylist or fashion designer. I really want having my own clothing line, boutique, or online store which sell my design. The clothes are fashionable but not expensive. I want everybody looking good without broke.

I do love writing, I made short stories and poetries, I want to publish my writing. I want to have a little cafe with a mini library, the place that the writer gathering and gaining inspirations. The cozy place to write. I think that is all about my wildest dream, do you have the same dream as mine?

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